Hide Column in Data Table But Retain It's Searchable Value

I’d like to be able to search a data table for a specific value but not have that column be visible in the data table. Let me explain. Suppose you have a field for First Name, Last Name and Also Known As. So first name is Charles, last name is Doe and also known as is Chuck.

I’d like the user to be able to retrieve Charles Doe, even if they search for Chuck. This can be applied to so many scenarios.

The objective is to give the user the ability to retrieve the record via search by an alternate value, that is important to the search function but is not important enough to include in the data table view.

If there’s no way to achieve this, can Tadabase re-tag this as a Suggestion. Thanks everyone.

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You could accomplish this by using CSS to hide the column and retain the search capability. I’m not aware of any option to have non-shown columns in a table to be searchable.

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You should be able to edit the css field in the table and add hide. That should hide the table and still be searchable. Same as what Adam said but it’s a bit quicker.

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Can someone provide a CSS script to accomplish this?

I visited several forums and pages via a Google search but wasn’t able to accomplish this successfully in my app. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

You can open the settings of any column:

Then add the css class of ‘hide’


Perfect! Thanks Moe.

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Would it be possible to do this conditionally?

I have fields (Record Detail Page links) that I hide after collecting the information I need and it looks weird:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would you consider using Filter Tabs instead of Groupings? Using Filter tabs you can hide columns depending on the selected tab.

Hi @moe thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried that, yes, but it doesn’t look good. I will try to think of another way to design this though. Thanks!