Hide/Mask Name Field

Howdy all-

How would one go about hiding names in a table using some Javascript? For example, “Adam Wojo” would be masked with ******* ********

Any help would be appreciated!


Blimey! You guys are on top of it ALL! OUTSTANDING! I will dig into the pipe.


Ok, got it figured out. For anyone looking to use the Disguise Text Utility Pipe here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Install Tadabase Text Utility (no API records are required)
  2. Proceed to the page that you desire to include the disguised field
  3. Open up the Table Component
  4. Proceed to “Datasource”
  5. Click “Add New Pipe”
  6. Select Text Utility Pipe you installed > then Disguise option
  7. Set the following Parameters:
    • Character to show > Custom Value > (number of characters you want to show from the right)
    • Disguise Character > Custom Value > (this is the character you wish to use to disguise all other characters such as an “*” asterisk)
    • Text > Record Value > (table field you desire to disguise)
  8. Go to “Pipe Fields” in the left menu and select the “Disguised Text” and add to your table columns.

That’s it! See example below.



Thanks @tim.young for your quick direction.


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