Hiding Action Button based on field data

In my model I’m asking a customer to “confirm” their appointment. When they visit the page, there is an action button displayed based on the confirmation status. The action updates the status to “confirmed”. Once the status is “confirmed”, the button should not be showed.

No matter what I do the button continues to display here regardless of the status being “confirmed” despite setting display rules.

Any ideas?

Try selecting “hide value” and “hide text value”

Referenced in this post here - How to create a "follow" / "unfollow" button?


You’re a gem - that was it. Thanks once again!

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You’re welcome! Happy to help.

How could this work if you’re using a third joining table?

For example, working with three tables:

  1. Users
  2. Persons
  3. Followers (connects User and Person)

Ideally, on a Persons data table I’d like to hide the ‘follow’ Action Link if I’ve already inserted a new Follower record connecting the User and Person.