HighLevel OAuth 2.0

Can we please get a GoHighLevel.com OAuth 2.0 Pipe? We need this yesterday and cannot create this ourselves because OAuth 2.0 Pipes have to be created by Tadabase. I’ve got to have two way syncing of data between the two or we are dead in the water.

Have you seen this recent video?

How long do those tokens live for?

I do agree this should be a native function. I’m going to see if there’s anything to be done about this. For now, can you see if this video is helpful in achieving your goals?

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Response says ““expires_in”: 86399,”. I watched that video and that may work. Going to try that now.

I was not able to get this working as described in the video at all.

This is the latest error message.

I’m confident that this is possible. Hopefully someone in the community can help or you can reach out to partner if you’re still interested in pursuing this.

This isn’t a bug or an issue with Tadabase pipes or the builder.