Hours in a day - Time Sheet

Hi Community,

Im trying to do a simple Timesheet Start Time and Finish Time… which is turning out to be not so simple.

I have 2x “TIME” fields, and an equation field to minus the End Time and the Start Time to get me a “hours” result.

In order to get this to work, I have to use the following equation:

My problem is, the result isnt being recongised as a Number (integer?) and I cant SUM it up. Has anyone done this with the “TIME” field?

PS - the reason I only want the TIME field is the user has already selected the date in a previous step, so I dont want them to have the option to select the date again which will throw up issues.

Equations runs at the very end and either way won’t be able to be used in other formulas.

What we’ll do is add a new pipe do do this exact thing so you can save a time difference to a time field.

I’ll let you know when its added.


Hi @Bevcom

We’ve added that API call to the the pipe. This should now work.

Please re-install the Tadabase Date Utilities Pipe and you should be good to go.

Here’s a brief video on how to make this pipe work:

(There’s no sound).

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Thanks Moe (and team) !!!

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I’ve been following this thread. Just curious about using this, it’s not uncommon for our crews to work from the evening into the following day. I’ve had to set up my time keeping records to be date and time in order to avoid wrong total hours. Would this still be a problem while running this pipe?

@tim.young If you’re using a Time field this willl not work for you since when subtracting times we’ve set it to assume its the same day.

If your start time field is 10PM and end-time is 8AM (the next day) the correct math should be 10. The output will be 14 as it will assume they are both the same day.

If you use a date/time this should work correctly.