How can I create an URL with a human readable user handle?

I would like to create a “public profile” page to display a user’s page. This would be analogous to the author’s profile on Medium (e.g.,

Each user has a unique username that they create upon account creation (the uniqueness is a field constraint in Tadabase). For instance my username is “ichaperot”, which is basically my “handle”.

The complicated part is to have the unique handle (“ichaperot”) instead of the record ID in the URL. Right now I have this page:!/author/view-profile/-4MXQJdrZ6v
I would like to replace it with “!/author/view-profile/ichaperot”.

The bonus would be to shorten the URL with a redirect (“" => "!/author/view-profile/”) so that could redirect to!/author/view-profile/ichaperot

I don’t know how to do this. Has anyone in the community any idea on how to do anything like that?

Thank you!!

Hi @ivan-

This is not possible at the current time in Tadabase. You may be able to set it through your domain provider by setting up static sub domains. Might I suggest you travel over to the “suggestions” section of the Community and submit that feedback?


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