How can I get these two KPIs?

Hi Tadabase community! I’m trying to build my first app and running into some challenges getting the KPIs we’d like to see. Hoping someone can help :slight_smile:

Here’s a simplified version of the data:

Table 1: Users

  • Time to 5 New Clients [number] (this is the 1st week where they have cumulatively reached 5 new clients. Ex: week one they get 2 new clients. week two, 2 new clients. week three, 3 new clients. This value should be 3)
    • how do I get?
  • % Increase Revenue [number] (this is the Weekly Revenue from the most recent connected weekly progress record with a Weekly Revenue value divided by the Weekly Revenue from the first weekly progress record)
    • how do I get?

Table 2: Weekly Progress

  • User [connection]
  • Week Number [number] (number of their week in the program such as 1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • New Clients [number] (how many new clients they got that week)
  • Weekly Revenue [currency] (how much $ they made that week)

The two KPIs I don’t know how to get are listed above in the Users table. Thanks

Hi Brandon, welcome to Tadabase!

This seems to be a full project idea.

I’d recommend getting in touch with a Tadabase’s Partner, who may help you better.

Please, consider looking at Tadabase - Partners or here at Build it with Tim | Tadabase where he shows a lot of good examples!

Hope to help.