How can I show records in a dropdown based on multiple other selections?

Hey everyone,

Just getting started on tadabase and really loving the platform. I’ve been through over a dozen no-code web app platforms in the past week, and this one is my favorite so far.

I’m trying to make a job posting app in which a user will be shown a list of jobs based on the subfield and location of the job posting. Here’s how it works:

  1. The user selects one or more industries (e.g., tech) in a dropdown
  2. The user then selects one or more subfields (e.g., software) connected to the selected industries. He is only shown relevant subfields (e.g., not pharmacology).
  3. The user selects location (e.g. LA)
  4. The user submits the form, which modifies the subfield and location fields in the User data table.
  5. The user is shown job postings that match the subfield and location (e.g. software in LA) in his profile

On the subfield data table I have a connection to the industry data table (one subfield to one industry (e.g., software can only be connected to tech, not to medicine)). In form settings for the subfield field, I select “show subfield (industry connection) connected to this form’s Industry).” So if I select the industry “tech,” I see “software” and “hardware” in the subfield dropdown. Works, right?

Not exactly. Here’s the problem. If the user selects two industries (e.g., tech and medicine), he only sees the subfields connected to the first of those two. He will only see “software” and “hardware,” not “pharmacology.” Anyone know of a fix or workaround to populate a dropdown with records connected to either of two selections in another field?

Thanks so much.

Hey @firsttwo, welcome to the Community.

I’m trying to make sure I understand completely here, if the connection from subfields to industries is a one-to-one, how is the user selecting multiple industries from a dropdown? I’m assuming in the Jobs datatable you have a one-to-many connection to industries?

Hey @firsttwo, welcome to the Community!

Thanks for bringing up this question. In short, it’s not possible to use the “Show” filter with a one-to-many connection field.

What you can do, is to use a Checkbox field in what would be the “Subfields” table and then add a data component and a search component to the page builder for users to search.

Here’s a video of me explaining this a bit more in-depth:

Thank you both! I think I figured it out with some checkboxes.

To Tim’s questions, the connection on the subfields table to the industries table is one-to-one. The idea was that the user would select multiple industries because there is a connection on the users tab to industries that is also one-to-many.