How can I update a last contact date in a CRM (connected tables)?

This question relates to updating connected tables in Tadabase. The specific use case is a CRM system with two connected tables:
the “opportunities” table includes a summary, and
the “interactions” table includes the details of each interaction connected to the “opportunity”.

The opportunities table includes a “last interaction date” field. This is the last time a contact was made.

When a user enters a new interaction, I would like to automatically update the “last interaction date”. Right now, this is done with a Form rule (updating a connected record). However, when the user enters an old interaction (e.g. that was forgotten), the “last interaction date” should not be updated.

I didn’t find a way to make the test in database (see screenshot below).

Hey Ivan, I know I discussed this with you but I wanted to post about this here as well. In order to accomplish this, Tadabase will need to add the ability to use Date Fields inside Complex Formulas (in this case the MAX field)

I’ll be sure to update this thread once this has been implemented

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Hey Chem, any news on this? I also need a way to get the MAX / MIN of date fields in child records.


Hi there, I am interested in this feature as well :slight_smile:

Just wanted to update you that this is now on our staging servers and being tested. We hope to roll this out in the coming days.

There will be additional available options such as concatenating unique or all values from parent/child tables etc.

Will update this here when this is live.