How can you change a hyperlink in a table within Tadabase builder (or make)

Hi all.

I have a question about correcting hyperlinks. We are changing the tennant with Microsoft 365.
So what happens is that all links like

should change to

How can I do that? please provide some guidance here.

My questions/remarks:
using an equation with a hyperlink input to replace company by acompany: the result is weird codes like : a:2:{s:4:“link”;s:109:"https//…

The equation: REPLACE({Link to Original CV on Teams}, ‘https://company.sharepoint’, ‘https://acompany.sharepoint’)

I can use a text formula first and that works, but again after using the equation it will lead to the same weird codes.

My idea was originally:

  1. Take the original hyperlink field content
  2. change it with an equation
  3. use automation to replace the original field with the equation field for the whole table.

I don’t know if this works at all, but I don’t even come far with the weird codes I get out of the equation.

Hey @Peter

Here’s a few additional options you can try:

  1. Make or Zapier to process the updated field values
  2. Export the table and then use Import & Match to bring in the new data

@Peter -

What about using a Substring equation and modifying the link that way? It might add a couple of fields or require the use of a Rest API pipe but could be a possibility.


Hi Adam @SafetyUniversity , does this mean that Tadabase runs with SQL server in the backend? I was not sure, I thought it could also be MySQL.

Thanks for the answers, I will go the and if that doesn’t work, I will probably export to Excel, change all the links, and then import the changes.