How can you change a hyperlink in a table within Tadabase builder (or make)

Hi all.

I have a question about correcting hyperlinks. We are changing the tennant with Microsoft 365.
So what happens is that all links like

should change to

How can I do that? please provide some guidance here.

My questions/remarks:
using an equation with a hyperlink input to replace company by acompany: the result is weird codes like : a:2:{s:4:“link”;s:109:"https//…

The equation: REPLACE({Link to Original CV on Teams}, ‘https://company.sharepoint’, ‘https://acompany.sharepoint’)

I can use a text formula first and that works, but again after using the equation it will lead to the same weird codes.

My idea was originally:

  1. Take the original hyperlink field content
  2. change it with an equation
  3. use automation to replace the original field with the equation field for the whole table.

I don’t know if this works at all, but I don’t even come far with the weird codes I get out of the equation.

Hey @Peter

Here’s a few additional options you can try:

  1. Make or Zapier to process the updated field values
  2. Export the table and then use Import & Match to bring in the new data

@Peter -

What about using a Substring equation and modifying the link that way? It might add a couple of fields or require the use of a Rest API pipe but could be a possibility.


Hi Adam @SafetyUniversity , does this mean that Tadabase runs with SQL server in the backend? I was not sure, I thought it could also be MySQL.

Thanks for the answers, I will go the and if that doesn’t work, I will probably export to Excel, change all the links, and then import the changes.


If you’d like to accomplish a smaller task within a single datatable, you can follow these simplified steps:

  1. Export the datatable.
  2. Replace the domain as needed.
  3. Import the modified file.
  4. Select the “ID” field to match for updating records.
  5. Set your desired field, such as “New Link.”

This streamlined process should help you achieve your goal efficiently.