How do add "new window" feature to (signup) form submit button


I have a signup form, where I want to add that after submission, the user is redireced to a page. However, I would like to force that this page is openend in a new window.

Currently I can only force this by showing a succes message, which contains a HTML description and link with the option "New Window:\

Is it also possible to add this <> function to the submit button element through CSS e.g?

This is what Iris says:

To open a pop-up window after submit in Tadabase, add the following code to the JavaScript tab of your page:

        $($('.form-2 .af-form-submit')[0]).click();'', '_blank', 'width=500,height=500');

Remember to change “component_X” to the first form’s ID. To get the form ID, hover over the info icon symbol at the top of the component.

This is a solution for a static page - for a detail page, where you should add a record_id this will be different.


Thanks ! It works now!