How do I a rollup of pictures - so they show as a picture

I have a user table as parent and an employee table as child and an project table for the appraisal round as grandchild.
I have made a data table component from the grandchild. I therefore can show fields from the child table (employee). The picture is located in the User table.

I wish that I can use the picture also in the data table component of the grand-child (Appraisal project).
Therefore, I made a roll-up in the child table (Employee). Now it shows up as a download in the data table component of the grandchild.

How can I fix it to show as a picture?

One answer is that I make a connection from grandchild to parent probably. Is there another way through the rollup?

@Peter -

I’m just exploring but would a scheduled task work in your scenario? Pull from the original picture field and add to a new attachments/file field in another table? Only thing is that I don’t think the scheduled task would be realtime…there would be a delay in the call execution.

Just a thought…

Thanks that worked out beautifully.

Just for reference: