How do I append a blank space to the end of a text string?

I am trying to add a word with a space after it either using a pipe or just a normal table rule. So far, everything I’ve tried has removed the space that I’m trying to add…

Via the text pipe I tried

ensureLeft(‘wordshere’)->append(’ ‘)
ensureLeft(‘wordshere’)->ensureRight(’ ')
ensureLeft('wordshere '),

The third one is actually used in the Text Pipes documentation, but in practice, did not work for me. Seems like it’s probably something pretty simple. Anyone know the answer?

I was struggling with this too - spaces were being stripped out.

I found the solution in the SPACE() function, where SPACE(1) inserts one space etc.

you can enter the space in HTML code (so that tadabase doesn’t strip it out):
& n b s p ; (don’t enter the spaces)