How do I auto update a multi-select field with results from a table?

Example: I have 5 open orders from customers A, B, C, D, E.

I want to have a field that auto updates with the open order count and then a second field that auto updates with the name of the 5 customers which I assume would be a multi-select field and is separated by commas.

Goal - Scheduled or Manually… end of day… My warehouse gets a text showing the open order count and which ones they are.

Maybe someone else will understand where you’re trying to go better than I do. Forgive me if I’m missing the point. But I’m wondering why you don’t just filter the Orders table for status = “open”? That should give you a list of the five open orders and the names of the five customers.

You didn’t say anything about how you have structured your data so I’m assuming that you have a Customers table and an Orders table (as well as others like Products etc), and that you can search or filter in the Orders table.

From the Orders table you could easily export the filtered record set to CSV (perhaps making use of an export template). Would that work for you?

thats true, fundamental design is important

Right now what I do is, I open the new order from the table in an edit window (Modal popup). I have a radio field that says send update to warehouse, yes or no. By default it’s no… if I select yes and submit it’ll send a text message to my warehouse manager letting him know there is a new order with details and a direct link to the packing slip PDF to print right from his phone. I have Zappier intercepting any orders with the send update to warehouse YES trigger a Zap that sets the field back to no since a zap is slightly delayed. I’m sure this is not the best way to do it but I need the delay so it doesnt just change back using a rule the second it’s submitted and then doesnt send the text.

In the same popup, which is not optimal as it should be separate from individual orders and automated (what I’m trying to do), I have a multi-select field that can select multiple orders by name (ex: orders A, B, C, D, E) and another field that I manually type the number 5 for how many orders that are open. When I submit using the send summary to warehouse selection it’ll send a text to the warehouse saying. Order entry is complete… We have 5 new orders from A, B, C, D, E. Which works but I have to manually choose the open orders, and I have to manually type 5. (zapier resets this part too)

I can always create a new table just for notifications that connects to the orders table.

I feel like I’m doing all of this backwards.

Are you using Zappier for the text msg. Doesnt sound like a solution that needs 3rd party integration.

Using Tadabase for the text message. Zapier only resets my select fields (send update to warehouse… yes or no) back to no.

When I submit the form with the option, send message to warehouse, a message will be sent based on yes, but if I have a rule to change it back, wouldn’t it change it immediately back to no and the text message won’t get sent? With Zapier, there is always at least a small delay so the message will get sent and then Zapier will update field to no within a couple seconds after.

I’m probably overcomplicating this.

I am not sure this message helps. But I also struggle with the order of the rules again and again. So maybe this link helps explain what is done when…