How do I connect a table to Two tables after a search?

I have users that may fall in two types: Students and Professors. Both may log to the app, and each has it’s own profile. So Students profile and Professor profile tables are connected to user.

If Professors can search students and select some of them with a search criteria, I may create a selected Students table connected to Professors with an action link, and connect to user with a rule. But how to connect “selected students table” to students and professors at the same time? This way I’d be able to show details of student and Professor. But connecting to user does not allow that option.

It’s easy to input manually student and professor with a form. But how to register the conection to two tables?

Any hint?

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Hello! I think I can help you! If you want, just connect to my schedule and book a time. ;o) Agenda - Barp Digital