How do I create a track record data base for progress chart?

Hello all!

I’m trying to create a daily progress chart for my app, but I need some guidance.

Before Tadabase, we were using Trello and they have an really cool power up, which is called Screenful. This app allows to create visual dashboards and custom charts based on track history for Trello cards.

I’m trying to create something similar, but first I need to create a daily history for my consolidated status progress.

Here below is a extract from one page, which shows the total quantity of products that we are working on it and their status. (Created this using the Card Component and retrieving the total amount filtered per status)

I was wondering about creating a scheduled task, with daily run, and copy those values in a single record in a different data builder, so I’d be able to track our production progress day-by-day.

I tried to create this data builder, but I don’t know how to retrieve those information in a daily basis, each record per day. (The values below were manually input)

Later, I pretend to use the Power BI integration to run the dashboard.

Please, do someone have an idea how to do that?

Screenful example below:

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