How do I create Detail links in accordion

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create clickable links to details from the accordion view but to no avail. can someone help with this please?

Many Thanks

Hi @senioke, is the “1.1 - Plan and Manage Customer Service” a static page? If it is you can insert HTML and build the list manually. If the “Process groups” are a dropdown list in a table or a connected field, this solution probably won’t work for you.



<p><strong>Process Groups</strong></p>
<p><a href="link-to-page">1.1 - Plan and Manage Customer Service</a></p>
<p><a href="link-to-page">1.2 - Evaluate and Measure Customer Service</a></p>

Hi again @senioke

I’m assuming that my solution above will not work because the “Process Groups” are going to be different for each record. So what you can do is make the “Process Groups” field a rich text field in the Data Builder and then save the above HTML in those fields.

It’s important to note that you will have to add the HTML code from the edit pencil in the Data builder or a Page Builder Form because the quick edit in the Data Builder doesn’t have the full HTML menu where you can insert HTML code.

links in accordion

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Works perfectly! thanks

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