How do I customize the form submission dialog box?

What is the CSS to customize the colors of the dialog box that appears after form submission and how can we set it to disappear / fade out after X amount of time?

Hey @JesseTron, good questions!

I’ll share some CSS for changing the color and some JavaScript to fade out after X amount of time. Here’s how that will look.

Below is the CSS for changing the color is as follows.

.form-process-message .alert{
    background-color: #1e88e5;
    color: #fafafa;

Simply change the HEX values #1e88e5 and #fafafa to any color you’d like.

Below is the JavaScript to have it fade out after X amount of time is as follows.

TB.render('component_ID', function(data) {
	    data.ele.find('.form-process-message .alert').css('display','block');
	        data.ele.find('.form-process-message .alert').fadeOut( "slow" );

Very Important Note: Change component_ID to your forms component id.

Change 3000 to any millisecond value you like

Thank you very much Chem! :smiley: