How do I do a batch update in the live app

I would need some help.

In the data builder we have a batch update. In this you can add a condition, so that you can update only those records who fit the condition.

I would like to do something similar in a live app.

The case: I have a lot of procedures (ISO 27001 and 9001). The procedure owner is linked to an employee. Suppose that the employee leaves the company and her/his successor would need all the procedures attributed to the successor.
The list with procedure owners is created easily from a rollup in the user table (so count all procedure linked to a user as procedure owner). And then filter them for >0.

Then I would need to choose the successor (another user) to replace the field procedure owner in the table of procedures.

Question; how would you do this?

Hi, you can activate in the live app the “batch update” option thru the page builder, select the page > component > options > batch operations block > allow batch updates. Alternatively, you can use the automation > scheduled tasks > create a task in the back-office to do massively and with more options the batch update (i.e., using connected fields)