How do I generate QR codes

Thanks for the invite to the community. Looks like a nice upgrade from the old one.

I’ll kick this off by asking - any idea how I can create a dynamic QR Code based on a specific field value?

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Hi Steve! Welcome to the community.

You can use an QR server to generate QR codes.

Here are the steps I’d recommend.

  1. Create a Text Formula Field with the following value: and the field name that should be turned into the QR code.

For example, here we want the company name to be a QR code:

  1. Inside either the List or Details component, add the following HTML:
    <img src="{!!QR-Code!!}" alt="" />

Be sure to update the “QR-Code” part with the name of your field.


This is so cool. I used to use Integromat for this. I will try and see if I can make this work in an email with a link to the details page. :thinking: