How do I get the first 3 letters from a string and plase it in a datatable field

I am creating a form where i want to autogenerate an ID. i want the id to cosist of the first 3 letters of other string/field on the form. eg

Field 2
Iphone 13
Field 3

Results: App-iph-R (doest always have to be 3 letters)

thank you so much!

Hi Omar,

I believe (my experience is limited) that you can use the Data Text Utilities Pipe which has an API call get ‘characters from left’ and then you could use an equation field to concantenate the 3 parts.

My approach to this and it may not be 100% the way to do it but hope it helps as a start.

create 3 fields to capture the trimmed values of your 3 fields and an equation field for the ID value you want to create.

Then on ‘Update Record’ you would use the pipe to get the trimmed values in to the new fields and then use the equestion fields text function ‘Concat’ to build your string.

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Alternative: you can add an equation in the data table:

CONCAT(LEFT({Field1},3) , '-', LEFT({Field2},3) , '-',LEFT({Field3},1))

LEFT is taking the left side of a string, the number in the LEFT statement says how many should be taken.

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better and easier. Thank you @Peter.

Thank you so much! @Peter and @richardch372