How do I hide the Close button at the bottom of popup windows?

I want to keep the X in the top right but not the close button / bar at the bottom.

Give this a try:

body > > div > div > div > div.modal-footer {display:none;}


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Hi Adam,
It works. Thank you. However, the editor shows this error and am curious if you knew what it means.

It’s a built-in CSS editor helper text. You will notice this often when working with CSS in the Tada platform. If the CSS works, then you can disregard it.


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Hey @JesseTron,

Using Adam’s CSS as reference, the warnings you’re seeing indicate that there are CSS selectors being used that are not helping us target the specific element you’re looking for (they’re not hurting either). The CSS selectors that are not necessary here are body > > div > div > div > div

By no means do I mean to discount @SafetyUniversity’s helpful CSS, just wanted to chime in here and let you know that this can be simplified by using the following…

.modal-footer {
    display: none;