How do I link the data in same table?


I am trying to link the values/data in same table. could you please help us with the below scenario.

Lets consider I am updating salary=3000 for S No=1, Name=Praveen, and the same salary it should update to S No=5 , Name= Vicky.

S No Name Team Salary
1 Praveen HR 100
2 Harish CS 200
3 Ganesh ME 300
4 Rahul CE 400
5 Vicky DS 500

How to interlink the rows and auto-update the values for S No=5 from S No=1.

Appreciate for your help in advance


Here is a quick video demonstrating how to do this.

Hi Chem,

Thank you for your response.

I have tried with the same steps, but for me Record Rules option not showing for table data.