How do I open the details page in a new tab?

I apply a filter, search for and find a record, then click on the Details page for that record. By default, it opens in the same browser window. The problem with this is that I can’t use the browser back button and go back to my filtered search. It takes me back to the main table as if I had never applied the filter.

So I’m thinking it would be better to have the Details page open in a new tab. This way, when I want to go back to my filtered search, it’s still available in the original tab. How do I force the Details page to open in a new tab?


Rick, I’m sure you’re aware you can click Ctrl + Mouse-Click to open in new tab, or right click and open in new tab. But adding this as a option is easily doable and will be added into our next update.


Yes, but I was hoping not to have to explain that to all of my users, who upon hearing that explanation will promptly ask why the details page doesn’t open in a new window by default. :grin:

I was also hoping there might be a way to save the filtered state of the table, perhaps in a variable that could be referenced by the javascript used to create a Back button. No idea if that’s possible, so it was a tiny hope!

Anyway, good to hear it’s on the near term horizon. Thanks for the reply.

I’ve had this “Back Button” problem on searches and filtered pages. Filters disappear after going to the details page and then going back to the filtered table page. Search results reset when doing the same thing.

We’ve added a new option inside the link details. Open any details link in a component and you’ll see a new option to open link in new window/tab:

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Confirmed, this is great Moe, thanks!

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