How do I send a text message when Zapier or Slack creates new record?

I am looking to have a text message sent every time a record is created via Zap or when there is a new Slack message. Both of these would not be using the form submit feature so I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

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Hey @JesseTron :wave:

I’d love to get a bit more context here, specifically about the Slack message part. I’m not sure I understand 100%.

As for when a new record is created via Zapier, have you considered adding another action to that Zap? Forgive me, I’m not totally well-versed in Zapier, but you could very easily get the necessary record information after creating a record if you didn’t already have it. Link up Twilio or ClickSend next and you’ve got yourself a good solution :+1:

If this isn’t an option depending on your use case or Zapier subscription, we might be able to find an alternative solution.