How do I set a Date/Time field using the values from a Date Field and a Time Field?

I have 3 fields.

Date: 2/10/21
Time: 8:00pm
Date/Time: ?

I want to make Date/Time be “2/10/21 8:00pm”.

Anybody know how I can accomplish this natively in Tadabase?

You can do this with the “Tadabase Date Utilities” Pipes.

Install the pipe and then go into the record rules of the form and set it as follows:

Then set the Pipe response value to the Date and Time field in your data table:


Thank you @moe! Turns out I’m just blind!

Lol you’re not blind. We added that pipe specifically for you after you posted your question. :wink:


Ha ok that’s even more amazing. Thank you so much Moe. :blush:


Hey @moe, Is there a way to do this with the Date Range Field? Take a date field and a time field and add it to the Date Range - Start Date (Calendar)?

Also, is there an “Add Hour” method? I see “Set Hour” but no “Add Hour”

I thought there would be, but I found a bug in that process. How soon do you need this? We’ll try and fix that in our next update.

Regarding “Add Hour” I just added that plus a few more:

If we’re missing anything else date related let me know and I’d be happy to add it.

Thanks Moe! It would be good if the Date Range functionality was implemented by the spring before daylight savings time, The process I am using for this is utilizing Intromat and it has issues with DST (long story) This is would fix that problem.

Oh def. I meant do you need it today or can it wait until our next update.

I hope to have this live this upcoming Saturday night.

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I’m ready for the Tadabase version of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. :rofl:


@SuiteUpstairs we’ve updated our record rules and fixed the bug with date range fields.

You can now use 2 date fields and update a date range field using those 2 fields. This can be done in record rules, table rules and pipes too.

Does this accomplish your goal?

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That’s a pretty huge addition. I had basically written off the date range fields as a viable use case for us, but this update changes everything about the usefulness of date range fields. Thanks Moe!


This should be awesome! I’ll test it out this morning and get back to you.

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Just in case this matters for you, we’re still investigating the ability to use 2 different date/time fields (start and end) for calendar and resource components. Hopefully that will be completed this week.

(We’re working now on some task issues. We’ll be adding logging, notification and more context to tasks.)


All excellent news! I just tested the record rules for the date range and it works flawlessly as well as add hours from the date pipe. Thank you so much for implementing this so quickly. I love it!

Has the resource components with different dates been implement yet? I don’t see it and would love to use two different dates (start + end date) instead of a date range.

Was the Resource Component removed?

There is absolutely nothing that is displayed. Not even an empty frame.