How do I style a picture in a html component in the layout as an image

Following situation:
I work with tenants. Within the tenants table I have a flag (for the country).
This flag I would like to display in the layout.

So I made a rollup from the tenants table of the flag in the users table.
When I add a HTML component (as you can only add system components in a layout), I add the rollup-field from the users table. This shows as “download” in the application.

I tried using following code in the custom html component:

<p><img src="{loggedInUser.Flag of Tenant}" alt="" width="100" height="100" /></p>

It didn’t work.

How can I style this to appear as an image?

Hi Peter,

Have you tried just adding the user field to the text editor rather than the HTML source code?

@Effy sorry I took some time, but I don’t understand what you mean with text editor.

I must use an HTML component here, because in the layout the data components are not available.

I am still looking for a solution though, so any help is appreciated.

The idea is that I signify the user in which country tenant they are with a visual instead of with a text.
The advantage of having this in the layout means I don’t have to do it for every page in the layout separately.