How do I track the number of searches performed by users?

I have an app where the primary use case is searching. So from an engagement perspective, it’s important for me to be able to track the number of searches by user by date. Even better if I can know the search terms users are inputting. Is there a way to do these things?

Hi Rick,

At this time we don’t have any built in method to do this. I’m sure with some Javascript it would be possible. However, this upcoming month (July) we are releasing a new powerful search component and I will look into perhaps adding an option to track searches. I won’t know for sure if this will be implemented until our next Engineering meeting, but will bring this up and see if we can address this.

I will update you here on the status.


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Thanks Moe, I patiently await!

Looking forward for the new search. Our clients are indeed asking to track their searches. They want to have insight into what the users are interested in.