How do i use pipes for the date

Hello, I just started using tadabase and its fun. now im interested in using pipes, can i ask how can i convert a numeric date to a worded date? and displaying it in an HTML component.
for example converting <02-14-2022> to <February 14th 2022>.
please help, thanks.

Hi there JP, welcome to the Tadabase community. I don’t think you should need to use pipes to display the date the way you are looking for. I’m not sure which component you are trying to display the date in but if it is a table then you can set the date display by clicking on the date header(1) then click on the Format tab(2) then choose the format you want to display(3). Should be a similar process for all components.

Let me know if this works for you!

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Thank you sir @SuiteUpstairs