How do I use Rest API in Postman to retrieve a list of tables?

I’ve used the TB Rest API pipe from the Tadabase app but I’m now trying to access it externally and getting problems authenticating.

As per the recommendations I’m trying to test in Postman.

I’m just getting 401 Unauthorized error in postman so the authentication appears to be failing.

I’ve added the appid, appkey and appsecret like this…

I’ve tried changing authentication methods and supplying a username and password but to no avail. Could someone post a screenshot of their postman setup to achieve authentication please?

Hey Greddie, the KEY values should be

  1. X-Tadabase-App-id
  2. X-Tadabase-App-Key
  3. X-Tadabase-App-Secret

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thanks ! :slight_smile: on A Sunday too you’re a star.

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happy to help! :smiley: