How do I validate a new user work email associated with a company domain?

I have two tables:

  • Users
  • Companies

A user is connected to one and only one company (his or her employer). When a user signs up, the user provides a work email. The work email domain should match the company website. For example, if a new user signs up with a work email, and selects “Tesla” as his or her company, the email address ends with which matches the company corporate website

Is it possible to automate this verification with a Pipe?

Hi Ivan,
i think you need to use 2/3 calculated fields
1 for the email address
2 for the domain
3) to discriminate if they are the same
instead of field 3, you could use the 1 or the 2 that discriminates against the other.

Look at this dunction if it is what you are looking for.

Text Equations

Hi DanioA,

Thank you!

For the last step of comparison (discriminate if they are the same), this involves comparing to variable fields with each other. At this point, this is not possible with Tadabase.

However, there is a portion of the “Build It with Tim” tutorial that explains how to do such comparison with an API call: