How do you clear out image files in Cloudinary library?

Is there a way to clear out the images stored in your Cloudinary library? I figure this would be useful for deleted records that held an image, and that is no longer in use. However, Cloudinary continues to store the images in the client’s Cloudinary library, thus taking up storage space. Thanks.

Hi @Spectrum,

There is no way to manage uploaded images right now. There are plans to include this in the near future.

@Spectrum if you’re dealing with a lot of images, I suggest you optimize the images before uploading them to avoid bad loading speed because of the images you upload,I do this to make sure my images loads faster and optimized.

Check this out, been using this for many years already.

That way you don’t need to worry about your images being the cause of slow app.

Thanks for your advice.

@Spectrum here’s a better one, you can control the level of image compression.

@tim.young is there an update for this one? I looked around, because I am uploading the same image multiple times. Is there a way to see that in Tadabase? A management of images and files would be very much appreciated, including a field where you see that the image or the file is in use or not. This way you could do some management of storage space and reuse of images.

There is a way around this by managing the upload of pictures in a self-made application, but that seems somewhat complicated.