How do you Create/Maintain User Manual/Help Files for your App

Hi Folks

I find that when building Tadabase apps that I need to develop a User Manual and online Help Files.

I tend to use a separate help page in the App and add it to main menu and also develop a pdf manual in Powerpoint or MS word and distribute as a pdf.

Developing (and especially maintaining :face_with_spiral_eyes:) help files in html component is a pain.

Anybody doing anything more innovative ?



(P.S. At one stage in a different but similar platform I used google docs and embedded these in html component)

Actually googledocs not bad.


In googledocs publish to web and get the embed code

iframe src=“”>

Actually ChtaGPT suggested this for Displaying embedded googledocs i.e. add a class name

iframe class=“responsive-iframe” src=“”></iframe

Add this css (and play around with attributes to get what suits)

.responsive-iframe {
width: 100%; /* Adjusts the width to the width of the container /
height: 600px; /
Sets the height /
border: none; /
Removes the default iframe border */

Not bad as now can maintain help files easier in google docs

One down side is you get this scrollable window within the main page but I think is a iframes issue.

Probably works similarly for MS Word online

Depending on how complex your help structure needs to be (ie. nested categories and sections), I’ve simply created a data table to store help info as records and displayed them using an accordion component.


My help file is pretty simple. I have a Google Doc with a table with hyperlinks to other Google Docs. These are all shared on Google Drive.

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