How to add a css-selector to a HTML-field in a form, for hiding and showing the field

Hi community,

I have a very simple form for visitors. First the visitor should register (or chose when he was already registered).
Then with a display rule I would like to show fields upon registering the personal data, so to fill the visit data.
For purposes of creating a division I have added a HTML field in the form, which I also would like to hide.
I gave it an id, but the display rule is not working. Probably because I did it wrong. Can someone help me out here?

P.S. a dot before the selector like .header-add-data did not work

@tim.young any thoughts here?

OK - stupid. I have to use this symbol # before the header-add-data.
So #header-add-data is the right one.

I could delete the post, but on the other hand, leave it as a monument of stupidity.

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