How to add Delete Functionality inside a modal!

Hello folks!

Here’s a way to add the Delete Functionality inside a modal:

  1. Create a table with an “Edit” link
  2. Add a Custom Component
  3. Add custom code to the template and JavaScript

Step 1: Create a table with an “Edit” link
For this example, we will create a “Student” Table with an “Edit” link

Step 2: Add a Custom Component
Inside “Edit Students Page” we will add a custom component, in this case, we’ll use a Detail page.

Step 3: Add custom code to the template and JavaScript
Inside our template we will add this piece of code:

{{#each records}}


<p style="display:none;" id="id" >{{id}}</p>

<button class="btn btn-danger pull-left" id="delete"> Delete Record </button>


We can check in the preview tab, and it should look like this:

In the JavaScript tab we will add this:

document.getElementById("delete").onclick =async  function () { 
if (confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this session")) {
  var i =    document.getElementById("id").innerText
  await deleteRecord("4YZjnDNPvl",i); // In this part add your delete function


You could use Tadabase delete API call or Pipes that triggers when you click this button.

Good luck!

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Fantastic edits @Soluntech! Just a note to the Community as a whole, this will only work if you have a plan that has the Custom Component activated.


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