How to allow microphone and camera in an Iframe

How can I add and an iframe with *allow="camera *; microphone " in it? when I add it into an HTML component, it delete that part of the iframe automatically.


While I don’t have a specific solution for you (sorry), the HTML component will not allow for those tags. Any access to camera and/or microphone needs to be added with JavaScript.

@tim.young, thanks for your reply!
I 'm trying to integrate a vide conference inside an iframe and you other information in the same window.
I’m don’t know a lot of javascript… Do you have any idea or workaround?


@moe or @Chem might be able to offer some insight into a possible solution with JavaScript.

It would be great to have some insights on this!

Here’s some code you can use to add this via JavaScript

Important note: You will need to change ‘component_X’ to your HTML components ID.

    data.ele.find('iframe').attr('allow','camera; microphone');

Your component ID can be found by hovering over the info (i) icon as shown in the image below