How to calculate number of checklist items of which checkboxes are set

Case: I have a checklist with 6 checkboxes.
Goal: to calculate number of checkboxes which are checked.


  1. For each checkbox have an equation in which you check if a checkbox is not blank and then set the number to 0 (if blank) or 1.
  2. another equation to sum up the values of each of the previous equations.
    So suppose you have 6 checkboxes and 3 are checked, you would get the number 3 (of 6)

Alas i tried to set-up an equation but checkboxes do not show-up in the equation fields you can use. So again out of ideas.
Someone else has an idea?

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Great I can give the answer myself.

You create a new “number” field for each checklist item (checkbox).
With the table rules you set the value to 0 if empty and to 1 if checked.

Then you create an equation field and just do an addition of all the checkbox field numbers.