How to change user status to active (verified)

I’ve created a user in my users table. (Happens to be myself for now.) I marked the initial status of this user as ‘not verified’, which seems like the right thing to do initially. NOTE: I created the user record internally, which is how I anticipate continuing to do it. I’ll enter user names and email addresses.

Anyway, I’ve now logged in multiple times to this account. I have 2FA enabled. Tadabase sends the user (me) an email with a login code. I enter the code to complete login. Done this repeatedly. But the status of the user is still ‘not verified’.

I was expecting that, on the first login with 2FA (which proves the email address is correct) the status would be changed automatically to “Active”. Apparently not the way it works. What am I missing?

Hey @WilliamPorter, no worries you’re not missing anything.

This feature does not currently exist, although we should definitely add this :+1:

The status field, although basically an option field, does have special properties and available options in the login component.

Okay, thanks for the reassurance. Yes, this might be a help. I’ve added 2FA in my app. Would be nice if, first time a user logs in, gets a 2FA code in email and provides it, that user’s status could be changed from “Unverified” to “Active”. Maybe a rule in the 2FA part of the login dialog could trigger a pipe that does that.


Ah, thanks for pointing this out. Excellent and useful, even if manual. I found the option that you’re talking about. I don’t recall doing this myself so I’m guessing that Tadabase automatically had permitted all users EXCEPT those whose status = “Inactive” to be permitted into the app.

That’s great.


One small thing, though. I tested this by removing “Not Verified” from the Allows Status field. Saved the change, then logged in again with a Not Verified set of credentials. I got past the password challenge, was sent, received and entered a 2FA code. But then I saw this error:

So it works — a not verified user was prohibited from getting in. But the error message isn’t what I expected. Note in the previous screenshot that the Custom Error Message for Status value is “User status error.” (That’s apparently the default. I did not add that.) So THAT is what I expected to see. It matters because it would be nice if I could provide a more helpful error message to users who reach an impasse here, something like:

Sorry. Either your account has not yet been verified, or it has been inactivated. Contact William Porter for help.

Maybe a little bug?

Thanks again,