How to check for a value change in record rules

Hey guys,

I need to log when a record changes its value in a particular field. In this case, the stage of a pipeline. I can do this with a record rule in the records edit form but i need to be able to write the record rule along the following lines;

{case} has moved from { existing stage} to {new stage}… (e.g mortgages assessed to valuation instructed).

How can i achieve this please?

Hopefully there will be a native feature in the future that allows rules to run on change of a specific field. Until then, I’ve created a work around like this:

Add a new field to your table {lastValue} and create a table rule to set this value equal to the field you want to watch and put it at the end of the rules list. Next insert the rule you want to run and place it above the previous rule. In the conditions section of your rule you can compare the current field value to the new field you just created {lastValue}. If they don’t match, then run your rule.

Perfect, thanks @Marty. This approach will be useful in other areas of my app as well.