How to create a record in the child table connected to the parent upon creation of the parent record

User table, user is created.
Create a record in the child table of the users table called “additional information user” connected to the parent record
Cleanliness - users table is too long and therefore untidy, so I would like to create several child tables with user information, but connected to the user in the user table.
It was easy to split the table up and create a child table. I got the application working with the child table. So, all is working fine. But I wanted to create a record in the child table upon creation of a record in the new table.
As the ID of the new user gets created in the table rules, this field probably does not yet exist or is not yet populated when I create the parent record, so the child record field to connect to the parent is not created.
What should I use here?

Can I do something with Browser Local or Session Storage? Or is there a pipe I can use for this?

P.S. the user gets created by an admin…
P.S.2. in salesforce and in bubble they have something called a trigger, which is a workflow which runs after a record is created. Something similar here?

@Peter I usually use Make for new records and duplicating etc. (wrongly or rightly I’ve just got used to breaking out to Make to do it) I set a webhook on the Table so it’s the last thing that happens in process and then Make gets the instruction to create a record and it joins it for me. A appreciate you’ll probably want to exploring doing it just in TB but I found a few use cases where I just found it simpler this way.

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Yes is a possibility. Still hope that Tadabase can find a native way to do that. Like with Bubble a trigger process is sort of an automation, which runs automatically based on rules, in stead of triggered by time or a button as is the automation process within tb. I think this additional feature is possible within Tadabase without a lot of fuzz, because it is so close to automation.

But as there is probably not a nocode solution for this, then this becomes a feature request?

I’ve certainly asked before if a pipe could be made available that triggers a Task as this would be extremely useful. I think it’s not been provided due to considerations of the server performance impact rather than a technicality of implementing.

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Am I missing something? But couldn’t you set the Rule to create a “Connected Record”?

That will not work if you create a new child, because the child connects to the parent, not vice-versa. The table therefore does not show in the drop-down.

Hi Peter, I think the simplest solution is to use the table rules in Users with pipes / rest API / save a new record. So the trigger should be when a new record is created, add the pipe, take the record id value of the new created record (you can create a previous rule to save the record value of the record id in a text field), you can set the custom value of the additional info table id (check the string in the browser address, the string XXXXX in the https:// …./XXXXXXX/records value) and the field number where this id has to be saved in the additional info table.

Thats true. But looking at the original title “How to create a record in the child table connected to the parent upon creation of the parent record” I assumed you were creating the parent and wanted to automatically create connected child table(s) record(s).
If that were true (and the child table(s) are set to connect from child to parent), then the create connected record works faultlessly - for me.

@mtif I am so happy you insisted. There were so many connections that I missed out on this connection shown in the dropdown, it was not shown in the order of 1) shown in the data builder list, and 2) it was not shown in order of creation, but somewhere in the middle of the now about 30 connections dropdown.

So solutions here:

  1. create a connected record with
  2. use insert connected record

I also found out that you need to set at least 1 value of the new connected record, otherwise it is not created…

It was a good day for learning

I’m glad it helped.
My reason for being on this forum is to help where I can, but mostly because I am learning every day too :slight_smile: