How to embed your app in a webpage without iFrame or Embed code... easily

I spent a lot of time trying to get this to work and look good on both desktop and mobile browsers. iFrames are nice but have CSS and other issues on mobile browsers. Tried Embed… not so good. However, I was able to use the Object code and works perfectly with scrolling on desktop and mobile and maintains your app formatting.

Just swap out the page, width and height in the code below. Place it wherever you want the content on your page. Easy peezy.

<object type="text/html" data="" width="100%" height="800"></object>

Thank you Jesse. Such a huge help.

There was a way to do this with a formula that @tim.young posted a while back and I can’t find it now. I’d like to use it now. Does anyone have a link to that forum post?

Edit: Found it…How can I embed my 360 tour on a page? - #9 by Rez

CONCAT('<p><iframe', CHAR(32), 'src="',{URL},'"', CHAR(32), 'width="', '100%"', CHAR(32), 'height="', '700"', '></iframe></p>')```