How to filter by date range?

My app has many date fields like submitted, shipped, completed, etc., and I need to be able to report on any or all of these. The Search Component is a great way of doing this, however, there is not a way to use a date range like “Between 1/1/2021 and 1/31/2021” or “Last Month”, etc.

Any ideas on this? On a side note, I can’t add any more fields to this table as it has hit the max size.


‘is after’ and ‘is before’ are available but its the same problem - it only lets you input one date and adding same field again is not possible otherwise we could have added the second filter to second field as a work-around to get the ‘between date’ function. Oh well.

I ended up adding the date fields to the filter options on the table. That they can search for Is After in the search, and they apply a Is Before filter to get the date range.

It works, but certainly not ideal. IMO the search and filters should be on the the list of enhancements. :slight_smile:


I need to display date range filter on some reports, maybe @tim.young or @Chem can give us some ideas,


Add the “Date” field to the search twice; one for ‘Starting Date’ pre-defined as ‘is after’, and the second for ‘Ending Date’ pre-defined as ‘is before’.