How to make selection field dependent on values in other table?

  1. Making form.

  2. Form field needs to be selection from available values in a field on a different table.

  3. Connection to that table from the one on which the form is being built has been made.

This seems like a really easy, fundamental thing to do but I can’t find the appropriate video on it.

Any help?

Thanks in advance, Tadacommunity,


@LongBeachSean -

Can you explain a bit more of what you are trying to accomplish? All dependent selection/connected fields must be connected to one another. A video explaining what you are attempting to accomplish is always best.


Mr. Adam thank you for your response!

I’m just trying to grab the Project Name values from our PROJECTS table and have the user select from that list in this form

Video here as requested. Cheers in advance!



Pretty straight forward on what you are looking for. See video; if this doesn’t address your needs, just drop me an private message and we can connect on Zoom.

Cheers mate,

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Hi again, Mr. Adam,

Thank you ever so much for your helpful video! You did lead me to my solution at last, and I’m equally relieved and exhilarated.

There was one crucial step you weren’t able to show because your stuff was already laid out — I needed to select the actual oo PROJECTS CONNECTION field (oo represents the link icon), which then allowed me to select the PROJECT name field from its options, resulting in a selection field derived from that list of values.

Dude, I owe you a beer. Here’s hoping I can repay the favor in the Tada community in short order.

Thank you once more!


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Happy to help and glad you are excited to build your app. I still feel that way when I build an application…super cool and exciting.

I have been with TB for several years now and, hands down, they have the best platform overall. There has been growing pains just like any maturing business but they have been responsive to their customers for functionality and flexibility.

Hope to “see you around” in the community board some more.


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