How to remove a space for a hidden item

I have Connected Page Links in a details component that are hidden if they apply to a record. This is done by using a Display rule that hides the link if a date is blank. This works great, however, it leaves a blank space and does not shift the other items up.

Does anyone have a workaround/code to correct this?

@mdykstra you can do that on CSS (display:none;) make sure to get the ID or add class to it.

Unfortunately, that will not work since the field is visible or hidden based on a rule.

Hey @mdykstra,

This is due to the nature of how the display rules are functioning. After testing this, I think this brings up a good point about how display rules are hiding values.

I’m going to take this up with our team and see if there’s anything we can do to solve this.

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Thank you @tim.young