How to remove sitewide Widgets (Chat) from Selected Pages?

This is one for one of the more advanced users…I have a chat widget located on my page header, as a result it appears on all my app pages, up until now this was no issue, the reality is that it´s only there for clients and not staff members. Anyway, now that i´ve started to use iframes every iframe I add to a webpage I get the chat widget appear…so as a result on some webpages where I have incorporated multiple iframes I have a family of chat widgets on a single pages as per the example below.

Although, I´m going to add this topic as a suggestion too with the hope something can be implemented at some point in the future…I thought I´d ask if any of you coders might know of any code that I might be able to add to the page javascript which would disable a widget???

Just incase below you will find the widget code that I currently have saved in my header relating to the widget in question.

Thankyou in advance for any ideas or help!!!

Can you check this out: Add helpdesk software for only certain roles or pages