How to save text contents of an email reply

Is there any function in Tadabase to be able to capture contents of an email response? Thanks in advance

There is a way to do this with Integromat and using text parser. I have done in the past using Microsoft power apps. You would setup an email module then parse the body of the email and then add the tadabase module.

It would be tricky though, you would have to include the record ID of the record you want to add the response to in the original email. Unless you just create a new record for the responses.

Anyway, I’m sure there is a way.

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Noted with Thanks Suite… Will look more into this… Best Regards

We’ve also seen this done using Sendgrid Email Parser + Incoming Webhooks.

I can add more details if you wish. Let me know.

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@moe yes please. Do send some details or samples.
Greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance