How to target a specific Link Button

How do I target a specific link button to change the background color via CSS? I know each button has an ID.


I’d have to go back and look at my CSS in the morning but the buttons have classes like primary, danger, warning, etc. pretty sure I used button.primary {} to change the css for all primary buttons on a page.

If you’re referring the the link button component, you’d have to inspect that element to get its selector. I don’t know what it is off the top of my head.

OR if you have a button in an html component, you can use button.whicheverclass to style your button.

Here is what I came up with:

Open the Inspect pane up in Chrome. Right click the button and looking for the element ID. Copy the element ID and then go into the CSS tab of the page.

#x_element_page_6_14 .btn-success
Add the following CSS to the end of the line of CSS:
{ color: #ffffff;
background-color: #000;
border-color: #000;}

It should look something like this:
#x_element_page_6_14 .btn-success {
color: #ffffff;
background-color: #000;
border-color: #000;

Replace the element ID number with your specific one.

NOTE: This will change all of the button colors for a specific element (e.g. Table).