How to use QR code created via pipe

If I create a QR code via pipe, what do I store it as, and how do I display it?
I’d like to add it to a form and pdf.


The QR code can’t be saved into any fields, but you can easily display it in any data component.

Once you have the QR code pipe installed, you can go into the data source and add it as a new data source:

Then simply add the result to your component:

The output will then look like this:

When I use this pipe the resulting QR code only contains the last value I created in the parameters list. Can it not hold more values?

The QR code can only be used with one value. You’re passing the value parameter several times? In that case, it will only get the last value as you’re reporting.

Yep, that’s what I see.
Thanks for verifying.

@moe I’m trying to add this to a details page and it won’t display.

Added pipe:

Added to details component:

Result screen:

**Update. This does not currently work in a detail component. I used an HTML per @Chem suggestion and it worked great!