How to use (space) delimiters in an input-field for numbers

I would like to have some overview in an input field with big numbers.

The input field now looks like:
These are 7 digits and that is hard (for me) to see that easily, and that would lead to mistakes and a bad user experience.
In the table component, it works with the space delimiter fine:
Because I could configure that in the data builder:

Is something similar possible for the input field?
P.S. I am not using the currency type here, because of extensive calculations I would want to do with this number.

@Peter, made you a quick video:

Here’s the code from the video:

Footer of the app:

<script src=""></script>

In the Javascript of the page:

TB.render('CHANGE_ME', function(data) {
    $('#CHANGE_ME_TOO').inputmask('9 999 999');

When copying code from the community, sometimes the ’ will get replaced with a backtick instead, if that happens this will not work and you’ll need to update the code.

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@moe alas this only works for text-fields. This I found out, so puzzled why it didn’t work for me.
What can we do to let it work for number fields?

You’re right, just looked at the docs and number field types are not supported.

I’ll see if I can think of another idea