How to validate image size & type on Submit form?

I have an issue with images of type .webp uploaded to the app via form submit not appearing on the PDF.

How can we filter or validate the type of the file when uploading it through the form?

Your assistance will be very much appreciated

Since we use Cloudinary for images, this is not possible as the file gets uploaded prior to form being submitted. If you use a File field this should be possible.

(We are soon doing away with File and Image fileds on new apps and replacing it entirely with just the “Files” field.)

Hi Moe, thank you for your response.

I am very concerned about the replacement of the image fields, how will this affect the existing application?

What should I do from my end to avoid major issues once this change has been released?

Will you be able to release this change in beta/alpha mode first so that we can test?

One of my applications is heavily dependant on the image field.

I look forward to hearing from you soon